Information for Bidders


The prices indicated in the catalogue are limit prices that are not undercut.


We charge a premium of 21,01% plus 19% VAT only on the premium on every acceptance of a bid (a total of 25 %).

Catalogue Description

All items up for auction can be viewed and inspected at the indicated times. The catalogue information was produced to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, it cannot be considered a guarantee in the legal sense and is for information purposes only. It is therefore not part of the contractually agreed condition. The same applies to information of any kind, be it in written or oral form. Condition reports relating to the items do not constitute additional individually negotiated terms, but are merely a subjective valuation of the Plückbaum Auction House. Since the condition of the items is not referred to consistently in the catalogue, an absence of information does not constitute an agreement on quality. The items are sold in the condition they were in at the time of acceptance of the bid. The Plückbaum Auction House does not assume liability for obvious or hidden defects, provided that no deliberate intention or gross negligence is shown to exist. Claims against the consignors are excluded provided that they are private individuals. For professional buyers, claims become time-barred one year after conclusion of the purchase contract.


Please submit written bids by 2 p.m. on the Thursday before the auction. Bids submitted later may not be fully considered. Starting at a limit of €500, you can also bid via telephone. For telephone bids the limit price is deemed to have been offered. The auction house assumes no liability for the telephone connection.
The bids are binding and do not include the premium. The catalogue numbers only and not the designations are relevant for the bids. The bid is accepted at the lowest possible price, even if the written bid is higher. In signing the bid, the buyers accept the terms and conditions of business and auction.


If the Plückbaum Auction House sells items from the Third Reich, then only for the purpose of civic education, to avert unconstitutional ambitions, for the purpose of art or science, research or teaching, to report on current events or history or similar purposes.

The measurements for furniture, etc., are given in the order height x width x depth and are approximate measurements.
The abbreviation "RM" for rings stands for "ring size", given in mm.
The abbreviation "o.R." for paintings, etc., means "without frame",
the abbreviation "P.a." stands for "passepartout measurements".