Non-application of the rules on the purchase of consumer goods according to §§ 474 ff BGB

The auctions of Auktionshaus Plückbaum GmbH are auctions open to the public in accordance with § 312g para. 2 number 10 BGB. Only used objects are offered for sale at our auctions. Accordingly, the provisions on the sale of consumer goods pursuant to §§ 474 ff shall not apply to purchase contracts concluded within the framework of the auctions of Auktionshaus Plückbaum GmbH.



Presale Viewing
All objects will be exhibited in our rooms as part of the preview, one week before the auction, and can be viewed daily during the viewing times stated.
Our general terms and conditions of sale apply to all auctions. We are looking forward to your visit.

You have different possibilities of bidding during the auction:

  1. Personal participation:  If you are personally present at the auction and want to bid, please ask for a bidder's number at the cash desk on the day of the auction. New customers are requested to prove their identity.
  2. Written bids: For a written bid, please use the shop-based system in our Online-Catalogue or fill in the bidding form and return it to us in time by e-mail, post, or fax no later than 24 hours before the beginn of our two-day auction. Bids received later cannot be considered. Your highest bid indicated will only be used for outbidding other bids.
  3. Telephone bidding: Also via our Online-Catalogue or bid form, you can register as telephone bidder if the limit price of the object is 400 € or more. Please send us the completed bid form no later than 24 hours before the beginn of our two-day auction. Please mark the category telephone bidding.
    For telephone bids the limit price is deemed to have been offered. We assume no liability for the telephone connection.
  4. Live-online-bidding:  To register for live-bidding or to submit hidden bids, you must first log in to or - if you are not yet a Lot- tissimo-bidder - register there first. The registration for live bidding on our auction must have happened at least till Thursday, 12am before the auction.

    Note for new customers: In addition to the bid form, please use the form for the initial bidder registration together with a copy of your passport or identity card. Admission to the auction is not possible without timely and unequivocal identification of the bidder.


Approximately two weeks before the auction, the completely illustrated catalogue can be viewed online free of charge. The print version of our catalogue with many colour illustrations can be purchased during the viewing. We would be glad to send you a print version of our catalogue at your request.


Calling of limit prices and acceptance of a bid
The objects listed in the catalogue are called at the limit price. Bid increments in about 10 % steps. We charge a premium of 22,27 %plus 19% VAT only on the premium (26,50 % in total). Pursuant § 26 UrhG (German Copyright Act), the seller is obliged to pay the resale artist rights tax on the sales proceeds of all original works of art and original photographic works whose creators died less than 70 years before completion of sale. The buyer shall bear a charge amounting (plus 19% VAT) to:

• 2 % of the hammer price from 400 to 50.000 € (plus 19% VAT)

• 1.5 % of the hammer price from 50.001 to 200.000 € (plus 19% VAT)


Please note that the premium for using the Live-online-bidding on lot-tissimo and Invaluable raises by 5 % + VAT.


We can provide shipping, depending on the nature of the item. After provision of relevant information, you will receive a separate invoice for shipping costs. Shipping is always at the buyer's expense and risk. We assume no liability. We are glad to assist you in finding specialized shipping companies for items we cannot ship ourselves.



Money Laundering Act

According to the current version of the Money Laundering Act, auction houses are also obliged to establish the identity of their customers for each transaction of 10,000 Euros or more.  Since the respective amount of the purchases is not known in advance, the identity of all bidders must be established in advance. For private persons, a copy of the identity card (front and back) or passport including proof of address is required, for companies a copy of the extract from the commercial register as well as the name(s) of the authorised person(s). If a bid is made on behalf of a third party, proof of the third party's identity must be submitted in addition to a written power of attorney.
Disclosure of the above information is mandatory by law. The Auction House will treat these with due discretion and care. Admission to the auction is not possible without timely and doubtless identification of the bidding person.