The companys history


1929: Carl Virnich starts a career as expert witness and auctioneer at Bonns Wilhelmstraße. After WW2 he establishes own auction rooms at Bonns city centre. During countless auctions he is involved in the liquidation and new-arrangement of many important households in Bonn.


1967: After Carl Virnichs pass away, Peter Plückbaum takes over the auction house.


1971: The new business premises are introduced in Bonns northern periphery.


1979: The inventory of Bonns legendary Hotel Petersberg, which was the Federal Governments guest house since the 1950s, is auctioned by Auktionshaus Plückbaum.


1987: Dr. Brigitte Plückbaum-Burgardt enters the company. The auction houses continuing existence is secured in third generation.


1992: Ulrich Burgard enters the company.


1996: Founding of the Auktionshaus Plückbaum GmbH. Both managing directors Dr. Brigitte Plückbaum-Burgardt and Ulrich Burgardt are official sworn-in experts and auctioneers.


2007: Peter Plückbaum finally retires at the age of 80 years. He passes away in October 2018 at the age of 91.


2020: Anna Katharina Erdkamp and Tim-Christian Kreyenborg take over the well-established Auktionshaus Plückbaum.